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Spring Equinox is here with a bang

With the new moon, spring equinox and the eclipse it was quite hard to post a picture that summed all of this monumental stuff happening so I have gone for what I can only describe as my happy place.  The curl of a lip and riding along the wave with the sun shinning and all the kids frothing out on the beach enjoying the first fast of warmth.

Enjoy everyone and see you all on the Beach at some point.

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Jamie Mitchell

Congrats Jamie on your well deserved award. Waterman of the Year. Surfing Australia @jamie_mitcho @jmpaddleboards ‪#‎waterman‬ ‪#‎surfing‬‪#‎surfingaustralia‬ — with Jamie Mitchell.

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Calling all Surfers, Surf Lifesavers and Triathletes

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Women’s Six Nations: Ex-rower Rowe throws oar in with Wales

Rebecca Rowe was destined to represent Great Britain in rowing at the 2008 Beijing Games before a persistent back injury shattered her Olympic aspirations.

“I was in constant pain. I couldn’t do any day-to-day things – even getting out of bed was hell,” she told BBC Sport.

Rowe had won a Commonwealth Games silver medal for Wales in 2006 as well as European Championship bronze for Great Britain a year later but her rowing career was cut short when bulging discs in her spine were diagnosed.

“It was utter disappointment. I feel that I never really reached my potential in the sport. I’d only been doing it for five years, which isn’t that long compared to others. I was devastated at the time,” she said.

“Not making the Olympics in rowing was hard – that had always been my dream.”

Rowe had always been a top athlete, winning world titles in surf life saving and swimming for Wales before switching to rowing.

Her medical condition meant a total rest from sport for six months. She recovered but was unable to row again.

Rowe wanted to stay fit but after years of being involved in high-level sport the gym and running just didn’t cut it. She started looking for a new challenge and found rugby.

Read more here on BBC sport

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Training for surfers, lifesavers and triathletes

Is you child is between the ages of 8 to 14 and into swimming, surfing, surf life saving or triathlons?

Would they benefit from swimming, surfing, SLS and triathlon coaching,  guidance, advise and training tips.


Nick Thorn – 9 x British, 3 x European Surf Iron Man and Open water swimmer.  Masters surf coach, National Trainer Assessor and CRB checked.  For more information on Nick Please look through his blog –

Mike Cully – Triathlon Specialist and Great Britain competitor in 1983 86 and 93 respectively.  Long distance swimmer, 2 x Iron Man competitor, with 1st and 2nd results in his age group. British Triathlon Association coaching and CRB checked.

With this depth of experience and knowledge this is an opportunity not to miss.

On Tuesday the 3rd and Friday the 6th at Ilfracombe Pool for 8 weeks Mike and Nick will be offering limited places for children who are into Swimming, Surfing, Lifesaving and Triathlon specific coaching techniques, programmes and guidance for each individual for the fast approaching season coming up.

The price is £55 for 8 sessions – Please call Nick on 07725860373 for more information.

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Blog been down, but back now!

It’s been a while but we are back.  A few months ago I lost the web page to the internet.  But now we have tracked it down and back in town. So over the next few weeks I will be picking up the blog posts and keep you post to all going in the Nick Thorn World.

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Dawn till Dusk

My arms are aching and I have blisters all over my hands but it was worth it.

Yesterday I decided to get up before the sun and SUP paddle one of the new 14ft boards I have just received.  Lucky for the big tides and the flat conditions as I hit the sea at around 5:45am.  To my surprise it was fairly warm and only wearing shorts and t’shirt I paddle across the 2 1/2 mile beach towards Putsborough.  The moons was at its fullest and being a 10. tide everything was super clear and still.  As I got to Puts the moon was just disappearing into the new day, so I headed out towards Baggy point and watch it disappear.  Then also to my surprise I turned around to head back to Wooalcombe and the sun was coming up between the valley.  As I approached the beach the sun was well and truly up and a well deserved cup of tea and porridge was in call for.

Then in the evening I had a mate turn up from Cornwall and we decided to paddle out towards Morte Point and watch the sun go down, which in this picture you can only imagine how nice this paddle was.  On the way back to main beach the moon was just coming up over the top of the hill.  To finish of the day with a cheeky pint and chat to how my day was just a once in a lifetime experience.

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Do love a bit of Tahiti

The first day of Chopes (Tahiti) has been just epic.  The forecast was predicted to be big and clean and the forecast was not wrong.  With clean 15-20ft faces the circus was on. Some of those drops were just insane and even the big boys were getting whooped.

Watch all the action here:

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Commonwealth games

Has to be one of the greatest events on earth watching the Commonwealth Games.  Here is a picture my mate Milky took of the girls triathlon and Stimpson who went on to win the event.  Would be so good to have been able to go and watch the event and be part of this amazing games.  Swimming on tonight and a friend from Cornwall is competing so should be a good a good watch.

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Thanks to Sundried for a few free samples to try out.  Looking forward to receiving some new sunnies and clothes to try out.  Really could do with a new pair of shades as I have had the last one for many moons now.

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